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Baby steps toward self sufficience and greenocity

I’m a contributor!!! June 24, 2009

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How cool is that??

Check out mine and all the other contributing ladies’ fab nails at Manicure Mommas!


Can’t. Take. Much. More … March 9, 2008

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Dear sweet Jeebus.  I don’t know how much longer I can do this.  The dishes, I mean …

I’d rather scrub base boards, ya know?  I’d rather, umm, anything … I’ve been feeling a STRONG urge to buy paper plates and bowls.  My hands are so dry!!!  I never remember to use lotion (and when I DO use lotion, I have to be real careful not to touch my face, neck or upper chest area, lest I turn beet red and itch like crazy …), I’ve got cracked skin on all my second knuckles, my nails look like shit … I’m CONVINCED it’s from all this dish washing.  I hate it!!!  I HATE IT!!!!!!!

Is it really worth it to me to save a measly dollar a day?  How much do I really care about those several bags of trash I do not cart to the curb a week?

I don’t know …