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WOO!! I found my camera cord! Pics!! May 18, 2009

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It was exactly where I figured it would be … under the side table by the couch.  I just didn’t want to actually stick my hand under there.  Has a tendency to collect spider webs down there …  Ick.

Anywho.  I took pics of my “gardening!”  I hope you like to look at pictures of dirt!!

It was real nice out on either Tuesday or Thursday night of this last week, so I raked the weeds and crap out of the flower bed out front and planted a bunch of seeds.  Hopefully, in a couple of weeks time, I’ll see some cosmos, zinnias, canterbury bells, and something else that started with a C.  I don’t remember.  Oh!  I just remembered that I have a packet of holly hock and columbine seeds.  I should do something with them too.  They are a couple  of my favs!

I need to break up the hostas on the sidewalk side again, and fill in the short sides.  I just thinned them LAST year, that’s where the ones on the other side came from.  Sheesh, they are about the only things that grow well around here … and my guilty truth is that I don’t particularly care for them.  They (as well as the house) still belong to my beloved mother-in-law, so, for now …  they stay, but I want monkey grass.

Last Saturday, M and I planted our nasturtiums under the dogwood.  So far, only 1 tiny plant has made it through the soil, and you can’t even see it in the pic, LOL!

The same day, we planted the herbs in containers.  Nothing sprouting yet.  *cry* but here they are so far.  Notice my tomato plant and pack of pepper plants waiting patiently for A to get that ground tilled up out back …

The bricks are to keep the dog from stomping all over the pots and knocking them over.