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End of week 3, no poo, plus a funny May 2, 2009

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I must say, I’m pleased.  My hair doesn’t look any different than it did when I used shampoo, A confirms that I don’t stink … so … looks like I’m on the fast track to coolsville.  I’m still working on confirming whether or not one particular regimen provides consistent results.  I figure 2 more weeks with a baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar will be enough.  Oh, and I added a few drops of tea tree oil to the baking soda wash to see if that would help my scalp.  It didn’t, but it’s stupid to expect immediate results.  I’m not sure if I even added enough or that it actually made it to my scalp, so, yeah, time and experimentation will tell …

OK, the funny:

No poo can be hazardous to your health!  I have been mixing my hair tonics downstairs in the kitchen, and then carting them up to the shower.  Well, since I use 1tb baking soda to 1c water, I naturally use a measuring cup …

Yeah, I dropped that sucker on my FOOT yesterday in the shower!  OWWWIE!!!  Thank goodness pyrex doesn’t break, LOL, that would have been an issue …

Lesson?  Plastic, people.  Plastic.  Ha!!