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Are they Lye-ers? May 31, 2009

I’ve been reading a lot of labels lately to see if these “all natural” products are all that natural.  I have the Burt’s Bees peppermint/rosemary bar soap at home, and the ingredients are super simple.  Several oils (coconut, palm, olive, peppermint, soy), an exfoliant (ground almond shell), and an extract (rosemary).  That’s IT.  However, while looking at some of their other products (like Baby Bee soap), I noticed “vegetable soap base” listed.  I didn’t know what that was, so I googled it of course.  Turns out, it’s fat, vegetable or animal, mixed with lye.  And according to THIS site, without lye, there is no soap.   They have recipes for all sorts of soap, castile included.  Now, I have a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s at home, and guess what is not on the label??  Lye.

So who’s lyeing?  Does that not have to be declared on labels??  Is it bad for us??  I don’t know. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at soap making though, so I may just have to figure the answer out on my own.


So long for now, no poo

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I lasted exactly SEVEN weeks.  That, in and of itself, is quite interesting.  However, the act of simplifying my life was actually quite complicated.  You know, all the mixing and pouring and shaking and being careful and all that.  It was a huge pain … and it SMELLED BAD.

I dunno.  I just wasn’t into it this morning in the shower.  We had a late night last night seeing Up! and Star Trek with the kids at the drive in.  Didn’t get home until 2 this morning.  Then I had to be up to get ready for work.  I’m just not a morning person in the first place, and throw in less than usual sleep, well, let’s just say it ain’t pretty.

So, I have been thinking for some time about LOW POO.  This is where you use stuff like Burt’s Bees or Kiss My Face or another “all natural” or organic product.  I’ve also been using Burt’s Fabulously Fresh Peppermint & Rosemary Body Bar for the last month or so to wash my body.  Every day I read the ingredient list: soybean oil, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, peppermint oil, almond seed meal, and rosemary leaf extract.

What’s so bad about that?  Actually, how in the HELL does a bunch of OIL make soap??  I’m honestly wondering if something is left out in that list because every other one of their products has vegetable soap base or something else in it that is maybe questionable like “fragrance.”

Anyway, I plopped that bar right on my head this morning and washed with that, LOL!  Then I used just a touch (srsly, like dime size bloop) of the V05 conditioner I’ve been using on M’s tresses (silicone and silicone derivative free).  My hair looks better than it has in a while.  It’s not big and frizzy and dry and brittle.  It’s quite straight, actually, and soft and smooth.  And it doesn’t itch.  At all.  It itched with shampoo, it itched with baking soda, it itched with applesauce and egg yolks and lemon juice and vinegar and conditioner only … it doesn’t itch right now.  And, while there are a few flakes, it’s not half … not a quarter as bad as it’s been.

I think I’m going to continue this regimen to see what happens.


Mid year resolutions May 29, 2009

I think that we start every year with good intentions, and then over time those good intentions slip to the wayside as our life carries on it’s natural course.

So, in the spirit of good intentions, I resolve to:

Actually USE all the re-usable grocery bags I have. I managed to do it yesterday, but today I ran into the store to grab a couple things for dinner tonight, and forgot them.  They were right in the back of the car too!  I WILL do better.

Actually convert to green household cleaners. I made this resolution a year and a half ago, and still haven’t done it.  Damnit!  I am GOING to make the switch!  I bought a little bottle of Dr. Bronner’s peppermint a couple weeks ago, I think I’ll dump out a bottle that’s 95% empty already (lol, great for the earth … ), and fill with a diluted solution for general household cleaning TODAY.

Pick my own produce, and can/freeze as much as I can this summer. I have tested the waters with strawberries over the last week, and found myself to be quite capable in the jam canning department.  My goal is to have enough home canned jam to last my family the year, AND to also have enough to give as gifts throughout the year (teachers, adult family members, friends).  I’d also like to have a nice supply of frozen fruit for smoothies and pies and whatnot throughout the year.   Same goes for tomato sauces, pickles, applesauce, and tree fruits.

Take good care of myself. This is a tough one.  I don’t usually take very good care of myself in a maintainance sort of way.  I have the time to really pamper myself, but I usually waste it with sloth.  I want to try to keep my nails manicured (If I just DO it, it takes less than an hour to soak, file, scrub and 2 layers of OPI, then another 1/2 hour of  “be careful” time, LOL), and my face exfoliated and clean.  I need to devote the time to straightening my hair instead of just putting it in a ponytail and pinning my bangs back.  But most importantly, I need to take care of my BODY!  I resolve to give myself 30 minutes a day to exercise.  Whether it’s a yoga or pilates dvd, or a walk, or killing myself on the elliptical or with the 30 day shred; I WILL take care of my body.  This also includes eating more healthfully.

Be positive. This is probably the biggest one.  I am a pessimist, a cynic, a doubting Denise (LOL!).  I have conditioned myself to expect the worst over the years.  The function of this conditioning was to protect myself from disappointment.  If things go the way of the worst, well, I am prepared for that … but if things work out nicely, I am pleasantly surprised.  It makes logical sense to me, but I’ve read lots of studies that show that positive thinkers are happier and have a lower risk of all sorts of ailments.  I’ve battled depression and anxiety my whole life, so I figure testing out the bright side for a while certainly can’t hurt …

Those are my mid-year resolutions.  I’d love to hear yours!


Feature a Friend day … May 25, 2009

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While, I know that of the 10 visits I get per day, 9 of them probably already visit this blog daily … but anyway, I’m digging it today.   Her Deal of the Day is rockin’, and check out her post Look what I did! for a tutorial on DIY fancy soaps.  You don’t even have to BUY anything to make these nice scrubbing bubbles out of miscellaneous hotel bars lying around!  Talk about turning trash into treasure …  Love it!

Baby Spit is the New Black


Criss-cross applesauce May 24, 2009

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So, 6 whole weeks into the no poo thing.  I have not used commercial shampoo or conditioner for SIX weeks.

This fact still stuns me.  Anyway …

So, my scalp issues have not gotten any better.  In fact, I think they’re getting worse but in a slightly different way.  Bigger patches, smaller flakes, more seeping, more itching.  I don’t know WHAT to think at this point, but I’ve decided to try some new things to try to pinpoint the cause.  I mean, this could just be something that won’t go away, but I’d like to see if I can at least ease my suffering, ya know?  So, I was thinking about the thing that is most problematic with commercial shampoo for people who strive to be low impact on the earth and not massage chemicals into their brain … Sodium Lauryl or Laureth Sulfate.  Look, I’m no chemist, but I took 2 college semesters of general chemistry, and I’m thinking … yeah, I know when you modify a molecule by adding or subtracting an atom, the result can be something very similar or something VERY VERY different (take margarine and plastic for instance, LOL, I hear they only differ by 1 atom or something  /sarcasm) … so I’m thinking Sodium Bicarbonate … Sodium Lauryl Sulfate … I know they’re different, but what if the problem FOR ME is the SODIUM??  So, I have to explore that.  Which brings me to the applesauce.

Yep.  This is going EXACTLY where you think it is.

I read on Live Journal that you can wash your hair with applesauce (AS from here on out), and I DID IT.


I mixed 1/3c AS to 1/3c water and massaged it into my scalp Saturday evening.  Let it sit for a min, then  rinsed and rinsed and rinsed.  I’m not sure if I used too much, or too little, or maybe the amount I used was just right and I just dumped too much of it down my back on accident … I don’t really know.  All I know is that my hair was definitely greasy afterward, but the ends were SUPER dry and brittle feeling.   I also used a lemon juice rinse.  I really have to start using the variables 1 at a time so I can pinpoint better, LOL!   So, I am going to try the AS again in a couple of days, I used BS/ACV today because I had to work, and I needed to be clean, LOL!

I will most likely try AS with an ACV rinse in 2 days.  I think I will not dilute the AS with water this time.  I will just plop it on my head and mush into my scalp.

We shall see …


One whole month without washing my hair. OMG! May 12, 2009

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FREAK!!!  That’s me …

I’m still completely astonished that SHAMPOO isn’t a necessary part of life.  I never ever ever even considered that something as basic as shampoo was optional in life until a month ago.

Anyway, the update is that it’s going well.  I wash with baking soda (1 tb to 1c water) with a few drops tea tree oil, and rinse with apple cider vinegar (1:10 ratio with water).  I let it air dry, and then rub a drop of olive oil between my palms to smooth over the top layer and ends to control frizz.  I straighted as usual with a flat iron, and then use another drop of olive oil if needed.  I do this every 4th day.

Several people I associate with over at BabyCenter Canada are also trying out the no poo lifestyle, but most of them are following the “Curly Girl” method of conditioner only washing.  Basically, you condition twice.  First time, you scrub your hair and scalp with the conditioner in the same manner you would with shampoo.  Second time is conditioning as usual.  It’s important to use a conditioner with no silicon derivative ingredients, so, nothing that ends in CONE.  Also stay away from sodiums, sulfates and words ending in XANE.  Most of the super cheap products foot the bill.  I have started this method with M.  I felt it appropriate because, well, she’s a curly girl.  So far, so good, although, it’s a gigantor pain in the ass. We have 6 varieties of V05 conditioner right now (not to use all at once) because it was $0.66/bottle at the grocery store last week.

Basically, my curly girl’s curls have been disappearing, especially in the back.  The back of her hair is just wavy these days, while the front is still spirally.  Her whole head used to be spirally.  When I read that the CG method helped restore curl, and then saw the pics, I knew I had to give it a shot with her.  We have CO washed exactly 3 times, and I’m starting to see more curl in the back of her hair!  This is very exciting.  I know that once we get it cut (she is growing it very very long to donate to make hair for sick kids), there will be more curl simply because of the weight difference, but even when it was shoulder length in September, there wasn’t a whole lot going on at the back of her head.  Hopefully that will change with prolonged CO washing.

So, as I’ve been typing this, A asked what I was writing about.  I told him I was blogging no poo.  He said “You better not start not washing my children’s hair …”  I told him that I had already started M, and he’s not happy.  Whatev.  He doesn’t deal with her crazy hair, so he has no say, MUAHA!  I told him as much, and he just rolled his eyes.  I really would like to test out BS/ACV on the boys.  I don’t think they would mind too much.  I just don’t think A would stand for it.  It’s already bad enough to listen to him whine and cry about the smell in the bathroom when I shower (the tea tree is strong, the vinegar is strong, I’ll admit it, it doesn’t smell good at ALL, but I deal.  I mean, the smell is GONE as soon as it’s down the drain.  Small price, ya know?).  And I’ve been thinking about the whole peer thing.  What if they told their friends “I don’t use shampoo …”  Geeze, I imagine that wouldn’t go over well with the elementary school crowd, LOL!  Teachers would probably call CPS on me or something …  EEK.  I dunno.  I still need to figure out a better way to mix up my potions for ease of use  (it’s kind of a pain to mix everything downstairs in drinking cups, and taking it upstairs to the bathroom, LOL), then I can worry about ‘dragging my family kicking and screaming …’


End of week 3, no poo, plus a funny May 2, 2009

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I must say, I’m pleased.  My hair doesn’t look any different than it did when I used shampoo, A confirms that I don’t stink … so … looks like I’m on the fast track to coolsville.  I’m still working on confirming whether or not one particular regimen provides consistent results.  I figure 2 more weeks with a baking soda wash and apple cider vinegar will be enough.  Oh, and I added a few drops of tea tree oil to the baking soda wash to see if that would help my scalp.  It didn’t, but it’s stupid to expect immediate results.  I’m not sure if I even added enough or that it actually made it to my scalp, so, yeah, time and experimentation will tell …

OK, the funny:

No poo can be hazardous to your health!  I have been mixing my hair tonics downstairs in the kitchen, and then carting them up to the shower.  Well, since I use 1tb baking soda to 1c water, I naturally use a measuring cup …

Yeah, I dropped that sucker on my FOOT yesterday in the shower!  OWWWIE!!!  Thank goodness pyrex doesn’t break, LOL, that would have been an issue …

Lesson?  Plastic, people.  Plastic.  Ha!!