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Dare I?? May 2, 2009

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An internet acquaintance shared that she uses homemade deodorant! Whoa! Once again, my mind has been blown. I may have to try this …

Gory details


One Response to “Dare I??”

  1. Dessa Says:

    I have not used deodorant in 5 years. I use rubbing alcohol. If I am not showering in the morning, I wipe my pits with alcohol & let it dry. If I have a really active day with sweating, I will wipe down with more alcohol. The alcohol kills all of the bacteria and cleans off the sweat/armpit yuck, thus taking away the smell. Jeremy used to get me individually wrapped alcohol wipes from work. They had tons, never used them, then threw them away, so I would use them up instead of having them wasted. Now I have a little 3oz bottle that I bought at Wal-Mart for $0.79 that I put into my book bag or purse when I have things to do. I also have a snack size zip-lock with cotton balls in it that i put in my bag. If you were concerned about the trash factor with the cotton balls or paper towels, you could use a washcloth.

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