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So maybe the egghead wash DID do something … April 26, 2009

Filed under: cleaning,frugal living,green living,no poo — razberiswrl @ 2:48 pm

So, I washed this morning with baking soda again, and it feels clean yet a little waxy again, just like it did when I did the 2nd BS was last time.  Hmm … I think I might be figuring out a routine here!  BS wash (1tb +1c water) with conditioner, 2 days later eggs and milk (2 yolks +1/4c milk, to be specific), 2 days then BS/conditioner … rinse … repeat … (HA!  Punny!!)  Or maybe it was the honey last time that took care of me.  SHIT!  Foiled again!  I need to be less willy nilly about this, and more precise if I’m every going to make it work.

I meant to add a couple drops of tea tree oil this morning to see if it would help my scalp condition (because being poo free has NOT helped one bit, it actually seems a little worse), but I was in a rush, and it wasn’t in either of the places I looked.  I thought it was in the bathroom behind the mirror, but nope.  I also looked under the kitchen sink since I use it for cleaning on occasion.  Nope.  *shrug*  I’ll have to find that.

Another thing I haven’t tried yet is the apple cider vinegar rinse yet.  I just don’t think I’m ready to go there, and I think it’s supposed to be in lieu of using conditioner.  I’m not totally clear on that just yet.  Have to do more reading …

Additionally, I think my hair has taken on a more ash tone, like it’s being washed out.  I don’t like this one bit, but I can’t be certain because my hair color is currently from a box (I’m going to grow out all color, but I last dyed it a shade similar to my natural around mid-March, it’ll take about a year to grow it all out), so you never know if it’s a function of the dye or something else.  Anyway, I read something about using lemon juice instead of BS.  Interesting, no?  I may give that a try too, after having read more.

It’s been TWO WEEKS since I used shampoo.  Weird.


3 Responses to “So maybe the egghead wash DID do something …”

  1. hahawillis Says:

    Just wanted to say hello. I enjoy reading your blog.
    I am not ready to give up on my shampoo yet. I’m still working my way through a huge sams sized bottle so I have to finish that first anyway.

    • razberiswrl Says:

      Hey, thanks for reading! Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up on shampoo either. If I don’t find a sure fire method … well, let’s just say “to hell with mother earth!” LOL! I need consistent results, and I haven’t seen any yet.

  2. mandyink Says:

    Hey good luck with the experiment. I’m going “no poo” as well. Just started, well, yesterday. I’ve only rinsed my hair with water so far and will be doing the BC/ACV rinse this weekend. I’m kinda nervous, but what the heck.

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