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Clean at last April 23, 2009

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OK, I figured it out. The baking soda wash is very precise. It HAS to be a full tablespoon to do any good. I read that doing the baking soda wash more than once a weekish would really dry out the hair, so, Monday the 12th I used 1tb baking soda dissolved in 1c water to wash my hair, and then conditioned. It was great. THEN I washed with just water 2 days later, and it was ick. THEN I was afraid to wash with full strength baking soda again, so I used 1/2tb with 1c water the next day. Hair was still ick. *GRRR* So THEN, at the recommendation of another no poo-er, I washed with egg and milk … well, you read how well THAT turned out.

So, yesterday, I washed with 1tb baking soda and 1c water (I also added some honey because that was recommended too, don’t know if that actually mattered though), and my hair was FINALLY CLEAN!! No greasy or waxy feeling at all. Although, my scalp is a bit itchy. It usually is with shampoo anyway though, so *shrug*.

So, I will probably use the baking soda wash twice a week.

This might actually work!


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