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Egghead April 21, 2009

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So, yeah, I did the egg yolk/milk wash yesterday. Meh. It’s really hard to “wash” with something like that. I’m not confident that I got it spread around enough, as some parts of my hair feel cleaner than others. Also, I rinsed more than thoroughly with butt ass cold water, then added a little hot water so I could finish showering in comfort, I STILL ended up with little bits of what I assume to have been cooked egg in my hair. Eww. Two people said that my hair looks and feels fine. I dunno. It doesn’t look or feel fine to me … It’s not BAD per se, just not good, like, well, shampoo clean hair.

So, I don’t have to work again until Sunday, I’ll keep trying different things until then. I still haven’t used any apple cider vinegar, honey, or tea tree oil …


One Response to “Egghead”

  1. claudine Says:

    Interesting. I’m happy to let you undertake this experiment and report back, LOL! I only wash every other day and rinse daily. I use Aveda Shampure, if you care to know. Not sure if I’d like the egg wash, but tea tree oil I could handle. Still, I’m not convinced yet. I’ll keep reading….

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