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Rant: March 8, 2009

Filed under: ranting and raving — razberiswrl @ 11:54 am
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OMG, if you take your approx 1yo to the damn ghetto ass kiosk in the mall to get her ears pierced, and she is FLAILING wildly and screaming so loud that the elderly mall walkers have to take their hearing aids out … take the fucking HINT. The child doesn’t want her ears pierced. Besides, with all that flailing and screeching, the 17yo wielding the gun (which is already reason enough not to get it done) is no way in HELL gonna get the holes even, and one well timed thrash could give that child a permanent scar …


One Response to “Rant:”

  1. Shay Says:

    Poor kid. I see this almost every time I am in our mall.

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