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Whoa, compost? February 17, 2009

Filed under: gardening,green living,recycling — razberiswrl @ 10:58 pm

So, I posted the pics of my DIY bin the other day, right?  Well, as I was snipping asparagus and peeling cucumber this afternoon, I thought to myself  “Self?  It’s not too terribly cold today.  I should go check out that garbage and maybe add these scraps to it.  Yeah.  I think I’ll do that.”

And I did.

To refresh your memory, here’s what it looked like when I first started:

Here’s what I found (and keep in mind that I broke my damn camera screen while snow tubing the other day, so my pics are crappy caz I can’t see them till I download them.  UGH!):

It’s REALLY dark, and really wet/muddy looking, and a little bit stinky.  The wet part may come from water getting trapped in the can.  I realized recently that I probably should have put a couple drainage holes in the bottom … I’ll make A take care of that this weekend maybe.   The stinky part kind of smells like coffee, and I DID start the bin with between 5 and 10 lbs of coffee grounds that Starbucks gave me for free (psst:  Just go into any Starbucks and ask if they have used grounds, they will give them to you for your garden or whatever.  Pretty frikkin sweet, eh?), so, I guess that’s it.  And the fact that it’s pretty wet … probably pretty yucky.  Oh, and the egg shells don’t look to have broken down at all, they are the couple of really light brown spots on the right side of the bin.

So, I added some more lawn debris and the veggie scraps from my lunch, kicked it over for a little spin, and will keep adding to it until spring time.  We’ll see what happens!  I’m not sure I actually want to touch this stuff in the end though … ick.  Am I supposed to mix some dirt in too??


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