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The best of both worlds February 10, 2009

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Do something a little more earth friendly, AND save some cash!  WOW!  I feel like Hannah Montana!!

I’m a shameless bargain hunter.  When I go to a store, the first thing I do is surf the clearance sections to see if there are any really great prices on things I probably don’t need and didn’t know I wanted until I saw them … but I digress.

Kohl’s has cloth napkins on clearance right now.  Fiesta brand are $1.59 for a 2pk.  CHEAP.  Cute too, and I’m hoping high quality based on the brand name … My store had peacock blue, yellow, red and multicolor.  They has some other styles too, but they were polyester blends or more expensive or whatever, so, the Fiesta were the best deal.  Target has some on clearance too, but I didn’t concentrate on them too much.  I DID score some new kitchen towels for $1.99 for a 2pk there though.  Cute prints, and you can never have too many.  If you have a nice stock of linens, you’re less likely to turn to paper towels to clean spills or dry freshly washed hands.  You know, I was reflecting the other day on how I used to use paper products.  I would use a couple paper towels EVERY TIME I washed my hands!  We went through a roll a week!  Now, a roll can last several weeks.

I wish I could make toilet paper last that long, but you know what??  I’m not even GOING there …  😉


2 Responses to “The best of both worlds”

  1. Brandi Says:

    How is the cloth napkin venture going? I haven’t purchased any yet, I was waiting to see how it went for you first. 🙂

    • razberiswrl Says:

      I won’t know until I get my f-ing washer and dryer up and running 100%. I’m still having trouble with the … ugh, I shouldn’t be replying until my urge to use lots and lots of expletives passes … I’m still having an issue with the go … moth … the stupid washer right now. I’m just so over it all. I managed to dump a bunch of fu … stupid water behind the washer while monkeying with hoses and duct tape … I’m just tired, and I know that A is going to fu … screw it all up while I’m at work and make a huge water mess all over my dryer …

      I can’t take it anymore. LOL!

      So, yeah … I’ll let you know! 😉

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