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To dry, or not to dry … THAT is the question. February 9, 2009

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Well, not really.  The question is not whether or not to get a new dryer, it’s actually “OMG, WHICH ONE?!?!”

I’m one of those people who has trouble with choices.  There are so many!  It’s so overwhelming.  And I have lots of things to consider … I want whichever one I choose to be both economical and relatively earth friendly.  Since our dryer hook-up is gas, I don’t think there are any energystar type designations.  That makes it difficult to know if one uses less gas than the other or whatever.  I have NO idea.  And there isn’t really much information on the web … at least none that I’ve seen that specifically says “It’s ok … as far as natural gas consumption, they’re all about the same.”  And that’s what I need.

Anyway, my other instinct is price.  I’m CHEAP.  Well, by necessity, not by choice I guess.  I’d love that set that turns Kelly Ripa into a genie on that commercial, Electrolux I think?  But alas, mere paupers cannot have such luxuries.  😦  (and here is the world’s smallest violin … playing a sad, sad song *just* for me!  YAY!)  So I need to stay under $500.

And then, there are the needs.  It NEEDS to have 4 temp settings; high, med, low, and air fluff.  I guess that’s pretty much it … LOL.

I think I’m just going to tell A to go and pick one this weekend.  That way, if I don’t like it, I can just blame him.  ;D


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