Me going green … and dragging my family with me, kicking and screaming!

Baby steps toward self sufficience and greenocity

I promised pics of my homemade composter nearly a year ago … February 9, 2009

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I’m SO embarrassed.  Here you go:


outdoor trashcan w/lid (under 10 bucks)

small bungee cords, 3 or 4 (2 or 3 bucks)

drill with that attachment thingy that boors holes (about 1 inch)

food scraps, leaves, etc

Just drill some holes in the trashcan sides and make sure 3 or 4 holes line up on the can and lid so you can thread the bungee cords through to keep the lid on nice and tight.  To use, just throw kitchen and yard scraps in, make sure the lid is on good and tight, then just kick that bad bear over and roll it around on the ground!  How easy is that??  You don’t have to touch a thing!!!

Just kick it over and roll baby roll!

Not too much comes out of the holes … just a few coffee grinds:

All full of pretty garbage!

I wonder what it all looks like now …  I haven’t tended it since late summer.  It’s too cold now to look though.   Stay tuned.


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