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Baby steps toward self sufficience and greenocity

*GASP* February 8, 2009

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Not in that “OMG, WTF?” sort of way … more of a “dead blog gasping for a breath”‘ way.  I want to revive this, umm, pitiful mess, but I don’t really know how.  I’m just not really going any greener I don’t think.  I mean … Hmm … I could whine and gloat about my kids/family, but then it’d be just another mlog (mom blog).  I could talk about my luuuurrve of bargain hunting, and brag about all mah gud deelz … I could bitch about the price of quinoa and couscous …I could pine over my love of theater and how I want to audition for a show this summer and whatnot … I could cry about … Oh, you get it.  Everyone gets it.  I picked TOO NARROW a damn topic, and the queen of random CANNOT be tied down like that.  Frack.


What do I do???

Not that anyone will see this …


5 Responses to “*GASP*”

  1. tracy Says:

    hey, there is nothing wrong with a mlog! 😉

  2. razberiswrl Says:

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a mlog. I just don’t want one! LOL!!

  3. bambijo Says:

    I’m cracking up because I’m having the same dilema. I hadn’t posted since last June, and I finally hopped back in again a few weeks ago. I hope I’m not boring people to tears. I think I’m about as green as I can go right now, and I’m stuck on topics! So everyone gets to hear me ramble about my decorating projects. Yay! 🙂

    • razberiswrl Says:

      Why the hell aren’t peoples’ names showing up as link backs to their blogs??? BambiJo, you have little green house on the prairie, right??

  4. bambijo Says:

    Yes, that’s me at Little Green House. Wonder what’s the matter with the link? I’m logged in.

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