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Blogging??? FAIL!! September 6, 2008

Filed under: 1 — razberiswrl @ 9:01 pm

It is QUITE clear that I am a complete and utter failure at BOTH being a dirty hippie AND blogging, LOL, so, yeah …

I’m not closing up shop and deleting everything or anything like that.  This is more of an update with the caution that there’s no real need to see what I’m up to EVER, LOL.  I prob won’t write anything again for several months.

I still make my own laundry detergent, ketchup, bbq sauce, taco seasoning, and other things.  I still don’t use paper and plastic kitchenware.  I recycle in a mediocre manner (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t), and I made a bitchin’ compost doohickey out of a trash can and bungee cord, but I haven’t checked on it all summer.  I never even posted pics and instructions!!!  It’s probably decent compost by now too, but I wouldn’t know.  I never planted my garden because no one will help me dig the ground, and I wasn’t able to schmooze a days worth of someone’s tiller.  Blah.  Whatev.  I no longer dry clothes on the line.  I just hate it.  There are just some things a person cannot sacrifice, ya know???

So there you have it.


2 Responses to “Blogging??? FAIL!!”

  1. Sharon Says:

    You’re right!! You DO suck at this blogging thing! 😉 at least… you suck at doing it very often. The entries themselves are very cool!

  2. razberiswrl Says:

    Aww! You fill my heart with warm sparkles! I think I’ll blog the cleanse …

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