Me going green … and dragging my family with me, kicking and screaming!

Baby steps toward self sufficience and greenocity

Here’s what my garden is going to look like April 29, 2008

I suck at drawing, but I’m pretty good with Excel so I made this the other day to see how much space I’d need to get everything in that I want.

good intentions

Pretty sweet, eh? Each block represents 1sq ft. I’ll technically need 18 x 19, but I’ll make it 20 x 20, and throw some herbs in there. I heard that planting basil in with tomatoes helps repel pests. Sa-weeet! I also heard that sage is an animal repellent. I’m guessing the person who said that was talking about rabbits and squirrels and crap. I wonder if it works on DOGS though. That’s my main problem. A 60lb doofy, old as hell, over excitable, tromps all over everything golden retriever.

Anyway, the final tally looks like this:

5 tomatoes

4 zucchini

4 summer squash

4 cucumbers

6 pole beans

6 sugar snap peas

4 cantelope

5 watermelon

27 corn

and various herbs

Think that’ll be enough for a family of 5 plus a mother-in-law??? I suspect we’ll be doing a lot of freezing and sharing this summer!


In the interest of “re-use” in the garden

I’ve gotta sucker A‘s aunt’s husband into letting us borrow his tiller in a couple of weeks to start my garden plot, but in the meantime I wanted to go ahead and start my seeds inside.  An interweb acquaintance mentioned using plastic disposable cups to start hers, and I thought that was a great idea.  Then I thought “Wait? Why would I go an buy something JUST to throw it away in a few weeks?” THEN I read that another interweb acquaintance has a home day care or something, and she used the cups from the little juice thingies they drink (think back to elementary school, plastic tub thing with a foil lid …).  EUREKA!!!  So I asked M if she would be willing to snatch all her preschool friends’ juice cups when they were done with them for a day or two.  She was definitely in.  I asked her teacher if M would be able to do that, and she kind of balked until I said “I don’t care if they’re sticky, they can just throw them in this bag and I’ll wash them when we get home.”  That was good enough for her, and she even offered yogurt cups too!

I was a little shocked when I was handed a bag full of cups that afternoon (well, this was yesterday).  The bag was half full of a lovely, fragrant juice/yogurt mixture.  MMMMM!!!  I didn’t expect the possibility of kids throwing their barely eaten yogurt in the bag!  Eh.  No big.  They rinsed off easy enough, and I have plenty of cups to use to start my seeds now.  I didn’t even buy anything!