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Can’t. Take. Much. More … March 9, 2008

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Dear sweet Jeebus.  I don’t know how much longer I can do this.  The dishes, I mean …

I’d rather scrub base boards, ya know?  I’d rather, umm, anything … I’ve been feeling a STRONG urge to buy paper plates and bowls.  My hands are so dry!!!  I never remember to use lotion (and when I DO use lotion, I have to be real careful not to touch my face, neck or upper chest area, lest I turn beet red and itch like crazy …), I’ve got cracked skin on all my second knuckles, my nails look like shit … I’m CONVINCED it’s from all this dish washing.  I hate it!!!  I HATE IT!!!!!!!

Is it really worth it to me to save a measly dollar a day?  How much do I really care about those several bags of trash I do not cart to the curb a week?

I don’t know …


3 Responses to “Can’t. Take. Much. More …”

  1. Sharon J Says:

    Poor you.

    Please don’t be hard on yourself – living a greener, simpler life doesn’t mean having to put yourself through hell. If washing the dishes is really that bad then use the dishwasher (assuming you have one). I’m sure you’re doing other stuff the help same mankind from perishing under the planet’s changes and if you mix washing soda with your detergent and use white vinegar instead of your usual rinse, that’ll be a bit more greener still 🙂

  2. razberiswrl Says:

    Thanks for feeling sorry for me, LOL!!! I seriously had to giggle at poor me caz that’s when I start to think about people that have to drink water that cows bathe in and stuff like that. I have problems …

    We don’t have a dishwasher though (actually we DO, it’s just that we need to upgrade our power box in order to install it. That’s a whole other blog though, “Oh what fun it is to buy your in-law’s house, and fix all the crap they screwed up/never maintained …” (sing along to jingle bells … make it work!).

    Thank you for reading! Seriously. It makes me feel important!

  3. Sandy Says:

    Try wearing gloves while you do the dishes. It really helps. Also, instead of using lotion after you wash dishes, use a little coconut oil to moisturizer on your hands — much gentler and works much better.

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