Me going green … and dragging my family with me, kicking and screaming!

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What’s so hard about dropping it in the smaller can right NEXT to the bigger can??? March 2, 2008

That was my question to A when I got home from work yesterday.

This is the part of my blog where *dragging my family kicking and screaming* comes into play…

So, I’ve been really happy with myself for having the resolve (and memory) to take the recycling bin to the curb for the last couple of Thursday nights, and finding an unused small trash bin to hold recyclables in the kitchen for once daily dumping into the larger can outside.  Last night I got home to find spaghetti o’s cans in the regular trash can.  I pulled them out while screeching  …  well, re-read the title … that’s what I screeched at A.  It’s not as if the smaller ‘recyclables’ can was full …  WTF???  His response?  “Look, you’re the only one in this house that actually CARES about this crap.”

Nice.  Real nice.

So I trash picked the cans, a huge (well, 64oz) juice bottle, and a couple other random things.  The recyclables internment can was full, so I made E take it outside.  What was so hard about that???  Child labor is free A!  Don’t be a big jerk!!!


4 Responses to “What’s so hard about dropping it in the smaller can right NEXT to the bigger can???”

  1. Tracy Says:

    I’m the only one in my house who cares sometimes, too. I know the feeling.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    If we had a curbside service I’d totally do it but we have to haul recyclables to the next town over.. so I can’t commit the time.. but good for ybou!!! If you keep doing it, you may not convert A but your kids will eventually follow your lead. especially the more they learn in school!

  3. Sharon J Says:

    There’s just me and my 19 year old daughter living here but although she likes to think she cares about the environment, her caring stops when it involves her actually having to do something. Sure, she puts things aside for recycling but cans are never washed first and nothing’s ever actually taken out to the big bin. And she wonders why I roll my eyes!

  4. Sandy Says:

    Even when they care, they still won’t always do it right. I’m constantly picking things out of the trash can to put in the recycling!

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