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A quick note: frugal v. green February 17, 2008

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I have a decision to make before I leave work in half an hour, and I don’t think I’m going to make the green one …

I’m a couponer.  Yep, a crazy coupon lady with a big green binder full of savings.  Some cashiers know me and love what I do (for instance, a $120 grocery bill down to $15 last night …), some roll their eyes and try to C block me …  Bitches.  Well, Ifound a great deal … on Lysol.  My new years resolution was to switch completely to green cleaners.  I never planned to do it immediately, but you know, phase it in as I run out of the chemically stuff.  Ugh.  This is hard.

So, I can get Lysol toilet bowl cleaner for $0.79 for 2.  About 40c each.  That’s DAMN good.  But it’s full of nasty Earth killing stuff …  If I don’t get it, what will I use for cleaning the toilet.  I never thought about that.  Baking soda?  I have no idea.

I think I’m going to get the Lysol, and promise never to do it again.

I was going to get Lysol wipes for ~$0.75 a tub too, but I think I’ll pass on that.  I have food surface sanitizing spray out the whazoo and 40 some tubs of baby wipes in my stock pile.  Same thing, right?


7 Responses to “A quick note: frugal v. green”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Only 40 tubs of wipes…. raz raz…… YOu’re slipping girl!!!

  2. razberiswrl Says:

    I said 40 SOME. I think the actual number is 45 tubs, but that’s not including the large size priority mail box FULL of clean team soft packs … Besides, who do you think I am? Christi???

  3. Christi Says:

    WHAT? So I have over 300 boxes/tubs/packs of wipes… I still have two kids in diapers! What’s YOUR excuse? 🙂

  4. razberiswrl Says:

    Christi’s crazy coupon lady aptitude can kick my crazy coupon lady aptitude’s ass!

  5. Elaine Says:

    We use Method cleaning products in our house. Lysol makes me get nosebleeds a lot so I’m all about Method. Their stuff is the same as Lysol only the dangerous/noxious chemicals are replaced with something environmentally friendly. Why am I telling you this, you shop at Target more than I do. 😛

  6. razberiswrl Says:

    If only there were COOOOUPONS for Method …

    Seriously, for me, it’s either get it for practically free OR make it myself for less than the cost of commercial cleaners bought with coupons/sales.

    BTW, I heard Method dryer sheets are on clearance … (I’m all about that, but I haven’t been to Target in over 2 weeks!)

  7. Elaine Says:

    Yes they are! I grabbed up 10 boxes because they were so cheap. We have a Target discount card too, 😛

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