Me going green … and dragging my family with me, kicking and screaming!

Baby steps toward self sufficience and greenocity

SICK!!!!! February 15, 2008

Filed under: green living — razberiswrl @ 4:28 am

I feel like a failure at blogging!  However, I ALWAYS have an excuse …  This time it’s 3 sick kids, all of whom spiked a temp of 105 at least once.  We’ve been sharin’ the germy love for 3 frikkin’ weeks now.  Bleh.   In an effort to keep all of my loyal readers on edge, here’s a list of topics I want to discuss in detail in the future (in no particular order):

High fructose corn syrup

Hydrogenated oils

Sodium laurel/laureth sulfates


Community supported agriculture (CSA)

Uhh … I’m pretty sure I had a bigger list this afternoon while driving … eh, that’ll have to do for now!


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