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In the kitchen February 5, 2008

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Have I mentioned that I have delusions of grandeur? Have I mentioned that I have trouble typing on a laptop? I miss keys all the tme (<~~ see!). Editing takes a long time. I might ot (<~~ again …) do it immediately.

Back to the delusions … So, I mentioned in my first post that I want to be both green and natural. Well what do I mean by that??? I’m not sure really. The only thing I am quite certain of is that I don’t want to rely completely on the good people at Kraft or Proctor and Gamble for the every day things that I need (I’m not gonna get sued for using their company names in combination with a desire not to need their products, am I?). For instance: bread. I don’t want to be like “Oh shit! I’m outta bread, and A has the car, and I need it for XYZ reason. Oh well, guess I’m screwed …” What’ that called? Self sufficiency? Yeah. I think so.

There are other reasons to make your own though. Commercially made bread has tons of shit in it. If you can find bread that doesn’t have tons of shit in it, it’s gonna cost you at least twice as much too. So how much can it cost to make your own and what does it have in it??? I found the answer to this question last week.

I MADE BREAD! ALL BY MYSELF!! You want to too?? Cool!

I used this article to help me out, and in about 3 hours I had something VERY tasty. It was time consuming, I’m not going to lie, but easy easy easy. I haven’t done it again since, but I want to (you know, the lazy factor).

Since I’m always about cheap, I’ll break the costs down for you:

Strip of yeast: $2.59 for 3 packets (3 loaves) minus $0.90 coupon savings= ~$0.56 per loaf (although, the strips are the least cost effective way to purchase yeast. Bigger packages cost more upfront, but save in the long run …)

1.5tb sugar: negligible, I always have that on hand. If you do’t (<~~WTH?) HAVE sugar, just snag a couple packets the next time you got to Dunkin’ Donuts or the diner … (GASP! She recommends thievery!!!)

1.5tb butter: That’s like 1/5 a stick, so, 1/20 a pound, for which I don’t py more than $1.99, so $0.10 at the most.

1/4c milk: Well, I pay $2.74 for 1/2 gal organic milk at Target, so we’re talking about a nickle.

1 tsp salt: again, negligible.

Flour (the recipe says 2.5-3.5c but I only needed 2c + amt for flouring surface): I bought a small bag of King Arthur Organic white wheat flour for 2.19. I don’t feel like going down stairs to check out how much is in the bag. I’m going to call it $0.50 just caz. (similarly, costs go down when buying in bulk. I just grabbed this one to give the “white wheat” a try without investing too much)

OK, so that makes my loaf cost about $1.20 plus time. That makes it about the same cost as a regular commercial loaf, but only about 2/3 the size. This loaf is about the same size as a loaf of healthier bread though, and at least half the cost. Furthermore, most of that time can be used to surf the net or do other crap cause the bread rises for a total of 2 hours, so, you know, not really intense. Plus, my bread was FREAKING KICK ASS AWESOME YUMMY!!! Not to mention WAY more healthy than even the healthy crap at the store. We’re talking 6 ingredients compared to about a million in commercial products. Way cool in my book. Plus, you can get uber creative with your bread. One of these days, when my delusions of grandeur have been fully realized (thus, no longer being delusions, eh?), I’ll be able to make several loaves of awesomeness every week, and eliminate that item from my grocery list. My flour usage will go up but I’ll be saving money and lowering the amount of unnatural ingredients my family consumes.

What does the family have to say about all this???

Well, this is going to be a tough sell. It’s not that they didn’t like it. A liked it very much! The kids were like “OK? Bread. Yeah mom, it’s great …” while looking at me like I had sprouted a second head. I guess they didn’t know the difference, which is good, right???  So why the tough sell???  It LOOKS different. Can you imagine THAT being an actual reason for not wanting it?  Weird.  I’ll keep working on them though!


7 Responses to “In the kitchen”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Ha! I’ll go you one better!! I got an awesome breadmachine from my neighbor for $2 at her yardsale!

    lol… I STILL can’t manage to make bread as often as I should!

  2. razberiswrl Says:

    Dood! A bread machine is SO on my list of things to get. My luck isn’t good enough to find one for $2 though! It would make it uber easy to have a fresh loaf every day. My main goal was to see if I could even do it on my own though. Self reliance and all … I don’t need no stinking machines!!!

    ETA: If you’re not using yours … I’ll give you $5 …

  3. Jonalee Says:

    Mmmm! I’m soooo gonna make me some bread! I’ve been making pizza dough using the recipe from the cookbook that came with my KitchenAid Mixer and it’s to. die. for. Now I can make pizza that’s just as good as our local pizza place, but for a fraction of the cost. Go me.

  4. Elaine Says:

    I got a bread machine for Christmas. We don’t buy bread anymore and I love making breakfast breads with fruit and cream cheese inside it. So good. I should post some of the more interesting breads I have created as of late. Silly lady, making me want to start a recipe blog. 😛

  5. thevirtualvoyeur Says:

    I’m going to try that recipe, thanks!

  6. Heather Says:

    I use a bread machine to knead and rise the dough (bad hands) then I transfer it to a baking stone dusted with cornmeal and bake it in the oven. It makes for a much prettier loaf with more even baking than my bread machine.

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