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What’s your point anyway??? February 4, 2008

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So, a million years after the first blog, here I am:  “Yeah, I guess I want to do that …”

My point?  To chronicle the mess that is sure to be the greenification/naturalification of my life.  It’s gonna be a wild ride because I have a significant other (A) and three kids (I, E, and M) that are coming with, whether they like it or not!

Why would you want to read my blog?  Oh, I dunno … maybe because I’m amazing and you worship me???  Duh.  Or because you might like some ideas on how to do things like make your own household cleaners or cheap and easy ways to create healthy food that contains no (or very little) artificial crap and/or unnecessary additives without expending a metric shit ton of energy.

And that is the point.  I want to do things that are better for our Earth and better for our bodies, while maintaining the lazy factor.  Oh yes, I’m a lazy mo-fo.  I don’t want to do it if it isn’t easy.

I guess it’s been done.  But not by MY family!!!

Here I go …


3 Responses to “What’s your point anyway???”

  1. razberiswrl Says:

    Great … WAY to blow my cover! now everyone will know who I am!!! All hail the Fleeing Schpoogheetti Monschter …

  2. Elaine Says:

    I want to read it because you’re M and you’re insane. Whether you think so or not, you just are. Now, dance in the wilderness proclaiming the holy goodness of the flying spaghetti monster and his lover, Richard Dawkins.

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